The Rise Of The Dawnstar Book Tour: Book Review

So here is my review for The Rise Of The Dawnstar by Farah Oomerbhoy! If you want to see my interview with the author, or information for a giveaway, click HERE! Otherwise, continue reading, to see my spoiler free thoughts on this novel!!


The Rise of the Dawnstar (small) The Rise Of The Dawnstar 

Written by: Farah Oomerbhoy

Series: The Avalonia Chronicles, bk 2

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Release Date: April 24, 2017


Star Rating: ♥ ♥ .25


My Thoughts

*DISCLAIMER: This book was provided to me for review, but all thoughts are honest and completely my own.*

Ok, so I liked the first book in this series fairly well. If you want to see my review for that one, check out the video on my BookTube Channel, HEREThis book was not what I wanted in a sequel. In it, the flaws of the first seem almost magnified, and the tropiness was increased substantially as well. My other issue with it was the pacing. Most of the time, when a reviewer criticizes pacing, they say it was too slow, but this book seemed almost too fast, making it intensely readable, but also hard to fully process it as I read. The characters went through about 6-7 different locations in less than one hundred pages, and nothing bad happened long enough to build much suspense.  

That being said, the book also had quite a bit of good in it. The author’s descriptions are lush and rich, immersing the reader into her story. The characters are cheeky and fun, even while feeding into some oft used stereotypes. I am hoping for some better backstory for the villains in the third book, as I will be continuing on with this series, since it is silly and intensely readable. 

Overall, I would suggest picking up the first book in the series, but proceeding further with caution. Fast-paced with lovable characters, I think it’s a good read for lovers of fun, classical, tropey fantasy novels.




Book info: 

Aurora Firedrake returns in the spellbinding sequel to The Last of the Firedrakes.


The seven kingdoms of Avalonia are crumbling and evil is spreading across the land like a plague. Queen Morgana is close to finding a way to open The Book of Abraxas and it’s only a matter of time until she uses the power trapped inside its pages to enslave the entire world.


With Avalonia growing more dangerous by the day, Aurora must travel through war-torn lands and deep into the heart of the fae kingdom of Elfi. Her goal is to find a legendary weapon infused with the last of the realm’s ancient magic—the only weapon in the world powerful enough to stop the queen.


Aurora might have survived her first battle against Morgana, but the true fight to save her kingdom and restore her throne has only just begun…


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Farah Oomerbhoy smallAbout the Author:

Farah Oomerbhoy is the international bestselling author of The Avalonia Chronicles. Her first book, The Last of the Firedrakes, was originally published on Wattpad where it gained over two million reads and a Watty Award. Since publication, her debut has gone on to win a silver medal in IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin Awards and the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, along with winning a finalist placement in the USA Best Book Awards. Farah loves the fantastical and magical and often dreams of living in Narnia, Neverland, or the Enchanted Forest. With a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Mumbai, Farah spends her creative time crafting magical worlds for young adults. She                                                                                lives with her family in Mumbai, India.









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