When I first met my Brooding YA Hero – #BroodyBFF Prompt #1


So, I have been asked recently to start discussing my friendship with @broodingyahero, as a part of promoting his new BOOK! Coming out October 2017. So today I wanted to discuss the first time I met Broody!



When I met Broody?  Wow, that takes me WAY back.  I’ve known him since the beginning of seventh grade.  The summer had been sticky and hot, and wasn’t quite over.  He narrowed his eyes at me over his first-day-of-school cupcake, the one identical to one the adults had shoved in my hand and walked away before I could say no.

Then he came over to ask, “Why aren’t you eating your cupcake???”

“I can’t, I don’t eat gluten.”

“Well can I have it??” I was used to that, and scoffed as I handed it to him.  He happily shoved it in his mouth, and mumbled around it while I walked away, “Why awe woo weaving?”

“Because you are a disgusting child and I don’t want to be near you.”  Yeah, I was a real b-i-t-c-h at 12 years old.

“Ok,” He swallowed, “That’s not very nice, lady.”

“Yeah, well it’s not exactly chivalrous to scarf a lady’s cupcake in one bite, even if she gives it to you.”

“Okay, well how was I supposed to know that?”

“Read some Austen, you might figure a thing out two out.”

“Okay, I will,” he said, and he was true to his word.


Two weeks later, he sauntered up to me with the BIGGEST grin on his face.

“I read them!”

“You read…what?”

“Some Austen, like you said to.”

I gawked at him.  “Oh, really?  Which ones?”

“Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.”

“And,” I scoffed, trying to tell if he was kidding. “which was your favorite?”

“Sense and Sensibility!  Marianne is a ridiculously fabulous main character.”

“That one’s my favorite as well,” I exclaimed, “but I am judging you.  Elinor is CLEARLY the superior sister. Her sense is what carries the whole novel.  Her self-sacrificial nature is sometimes a bit wearing, but she is so relatable.”

We argued about this for a few minutes, and then had to rush to class.  I was a bit confused, as the time between classes had seemed to lengthen since I started seventh grade, beginning the day I met broody.  Odd, that.  At least it meant we had the time to chat between classes.

My friendship with him has lasted for years, through several novels, and lots of cupcakes.  And that brings us to where we are today!


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  1. I love this post, so amazing. This story is the best!

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    1. TheYAWizard says:

      Awe, thank you!

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